Digital Visitation

"Digital Visitation"


"Geodesic Birth Chamber 1"



Android Ascension 2048

"Android Ascension 2048"





"Transfiguration Of Calliope"



Truth Emerges From The Tower Of Deception

"Truth Emerges From The Tower Of Deception"


André Breton was correct, "there will come a time,
when 'dream' and 'apparent reality' will resolve
into an absolute reality ... a Surreality."

Perhaps absolute reality is that instant in the
psychotherapeutic process of living where
conscious and nonconscious collide?
I hope my artwork  evokes this sense of the
Surreality of human existence.

Silicone Messiah

"Silicone Messiah"





Still Searching For My Home

"Still Searching For My Home"


"Trapped In The Matrix: Trying To Reach You"