"The Elders Meet To Heal The Planet"






"Cyborg Contemplating Its Origins"




"Alone in a centrally heated, air-conditioned capsule,
drugged, fed with music and erotic imagery, the parts
of his consciousness separated into components that
reach everywhere and nowhere, the private citizen of
the future will have become one with the end of effort
and the triumph of sensation divorced from action.
When the [aliens] arrive they will find him like some
ancient Greek sage, lost in contemplation, terrified
and yet fearless listening to himself ......" (M. Pawley)






Worried About Your Future

"We Are Worried About Your Future"










Plato's Ghost Haunts The Matrix

"Plato's Ghost Haunts The Matrix"


Cyborg Briefing

"Cyborg Briefing"










U Run and U Run

"U Run and U Run 2"

Observing A Nuclear Winter  

"Observing A Nuclear Winter"

Cyborg Dreaming

"Cyborg Dreaming"