Below a short selection of unpublished essays

"Kant & Aquinas: Regarding The Transcendence of Reason"  (1996, revised 2015). NOW IN PRESS. This paper is a detailed investigation into the role these great thinkers gave Reason in the investigation of the possibility of proving the existence of God.

"Christianity and Evolution: Is The Conflict Resolvable?"   [1997] This paper is an introductory and general discussion on this complex and often, hotly debated topic.

"The Myth of The Freudian Unconscious" (2000)  Abstract:
This thesis investigates the nature of the Freudian Unconscious and its relationship with Surrealist poetry.  The findings of recent neurophysiological research and dream-sleep experiments suggest that such an Unconscious is a myth.  The concept of nonconscious mental states, which are controlled by precise ratios of the brain's chemicals, as opposed to a dynamic, autonomous Freudian Unconscious is explored.  Analysis of the surrealist project itself, and a comparison of surrealist poetry with computer generated poetry, further supports the scientific evidence.  Whilst this thesis is not specifically about Artificial Intelligence some of my findings are directly relevant to this field of research.  It also shows that the surrealists' belief, that they could circumvent the control of logical reasoning in their literary and artistic creations, was misguided.  It was not the purpose of this thesis to provide irrefutable evidence as to the non-existence of the Freudian Unconscious but to establish sufficient doubt to justify further detailed research.