Welcome to my website. 

This site concerns my writing, artwork and research over a period of some forty five years. I seldom show my techno-surrealist artwork in galleries or exhibitions now, preferring to present these works on the web, in academic journals and venues outside the commercial art scene.

Postmodernism has attempted to destroy the sublime and the numinous. The new art and poetics in this post postmodern era must help restore our abandoned spiritual modes of being. This has nothing whatever to do with religion. We need globally to embrace sustainability, and re-envisage the “mysterium tremendum et fascinans” – the mystery of DNA, the intricacies of neural networks, the life cycle of a butterfly. 

I am currently editing literary anthologies, writing reviews for Leonardo,  and continuing my existing research into the “all-integrating field” as the ontological basis of existence.


                                                                          Wonder Rat



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